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Just got back from a nice dinner & “gelato” (it was really ice cream) with Keith & Nanhai. We went to the Cliff House here in Folsom; we all ended up getting tasty steaks.

But back to the matter at hand. We’re all here at GfxCon 2008, an Intel event that brings together graphics architects and developers from across the company. There’s a lot of fun stuff going on, with some good sessions today and interesting demos (though of course I can’t talk about any of them, you’ll just have to wait for the products!).

The best part though has been the networking. It’s great to meet the developers I’ve only worked with over email, and have discussions face to face. Keith and I had some good brainstorming sessions about how to handle hardware contexts, and how we want to deal with vblank syncing in the GEM-enabled world. Fortunately, our discussions ended up sounding very similar to the discussions I had with krh back at XDC about vblank syncing in DRI2. Now I just have to code it up…

Hm, and let’s see how I’ve done keeping my promises from last week:

Hopefully I’ll be able to find time tomorrow with Nanhai or Keith to review and push some of the stuff above… Then on to hardware contexts.

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