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Stolen from my post to xorg@ and intel-gfx@.

It’s my turn to handle a 2D driver release again, so I’ve been thinking about what we should include (and remove!) in the 2.5 release. I’ve created a blocker bug for the release, 16926, and I’m interested in hearing about bugs you think should be added. The 2.4 release was a bit late; I’d like to avoid that this time around, and want to do the first -rc hopefully by mid-August.

Target highlights for this release include:

  1. usable EXA support
  2. support for GEM (if supported by the currently running kernel)
  3. support for kernel mode setting (again, if the underlying kernel supports it)
  4. no more video tearing with textured video & XvMC
  5. Bug fixing
  6. removal of XAA code

See below for details.

1. Usable EXA support
Carl recently pushed some fixes that should make EXA better than XAA (finally): Assuming the users reporting performance regressions with EXA vs. XAA are happy with the changes, things are looking good here.

2. Support for GEM
The drm-gem branch of xf86-video-intel has been under development for awhile now, and gracefully falls back in the case where no kernel support is available. I’d like to merge this into master to get it some more coverage. Ideally, we’d get the Mesa drm-gem branch merged into master as well, making it much easier for people to play with GEM stuff (just boot a new kernel or
insmod some new DRM modules and restart), but the Mesa bits need a little more review first.

3. Support for kernel mode setting
Along the same lines, we’d like to make it easy for people to test the shiny, new kernel mode setting bits. The 2D driver changes aren’t hugely invasive (and they give me an excuse to clean some stuff up), so I’m planning on merging them to master, again to make testing of new kernel bits easier for everyone.

4. No more video tearing
One of our #1 complaints since adding textured video support is tearing. It seems to occur in both composited and non-composited configurations, depending on what else is going on in the system. With recent changes to Mesa, hopefully the composited case can be solved by making the compositing manager use scheduled buffer swaps (i.e. using glxSwapBuffers with
vblank_mode=3 or similar), but in the non-composited case we’ll need to make our Xv and XvMC code a bit smarter.

5. Bug fixing
Catch all for fixing display bugs, suspend resume problems, improving LFP detection, fixing SDVO bugs, etc. (there are quite a few display bugs Zhenyu & I want to tackle for this release)

6. No more XAA
Back in 2.2, we made EXA the default acceleration architecture for the driver. It obviously wasn’t quite ready back then for everything people were throwing at it, but OTOH it didn’t have some of the fundamental shortcomings of XAA. It looks like it’s finally ready though, so assuming Carl has EXA performance well in-hand, we should be able to delete the XAA code altogether (which will be nice since it doesn’t support several features and has bugs we don’t want to fix).

Please direct comments & questions to myself and the list.

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