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And just when I thought I was done travelling for awhile… Turns out I have to spend a few days in London for top secret meetings (should be good actually but it would be nice to be home for a change).

On the plus side, GEM looks like it’s finally queued up for 2.6.28! This is huge, since we’ve all been waiting for some kind of memory manager to land for many years now. If there’s any justice in the world, Eric should never have to buy beer again in the company of anyone even slightly involved with Linux graphics and desktop development.

With that out of the way, some of the other stuff queued up behind the memory manager can finally land; Dave and I had talked with Linus about merging the kernel mode setting bits, but now that I’m out of the loop for a week or so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to help much with that (not to mention that I’m trying to fix what I hope is the last issue with my GEM GTT mapping patches, which now include fence register management, so that xf86-video-intel with GEM based pixmap management becomes viable). DRI2 should also be coming soon, though I haven’t talked with Kristian about it recently.

This quarter’s release of the Intel driver has been somewhat delayed though, despite all the good news. Trying to stabilize the GEM stuff on the 3D side took a lot of Eric’s time, but it looks like things are in reasonable shape there now. We’ve fixed a few of the more offensive 2D bugs recently too, but there are still more open than I’d like at this point, but I suppose we can always do point releases later as things get fixed up. So when a new libdrm comes out (which should be possible now that GEM is queued up and the interfaces are stable) I should be able to spin the final 2.5.0 package, completing the 2D side of the release.

Well, more later. I have to go dig up a separate machine so I can figure out what’s going on with my GTT mapping code (no kernel mode setting means I can’t see the panics I’m causing yet, sigh).

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