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kernel mode setting requirements

I’m hacking on getting the core DRM mode setting code ready for merge this week, along with the i915 code, but I’m not sure if my posts made the requirements for testing clear.

I posted a patchset for core, i915 and radeon mode setting to the dri-devel list recently, but there are a few other patches required in order to test those bits (which btw are very raw; I was able to get a root weave from X but things were pretty crashy if I tried to rmmod/insmod the module again). Anyway, if you want to live on the bleeding edge, you’ll need my xf86-video-intel EXA pixmap patch, and my libdrm &amp drm patches for GTT mapping.

Note that we don’t currently track per-pixmap tiling, so you may have to disable tiling in your xorg.conf to avoid corruption (either that or force every pixmap to be tiled in i830_exa.c at map or creation time).

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