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Wow has it already been a month since my last post? Time flies…

So what’s happened in the last month? Well my wife and I vacationed in Australia for a friend’s wedding (apparently he’s even worse than me at keeping his blog fresh). And I spent a good amount of time working on my new office; the floor is in now and the baseboard trim is cut. Just need to stain it, cut a few cope joints, and nail it up then I can move in (pictures & celebration will ensue). Oh and work; lots of KMS and other bug fixing.

PCI pile

So for 2.6.30 there’s a pretty significant set of PCI changes queued up. In no particular order, SR-IOV (basically PCI device virtualization) support, multiple MSI support, and some big hotplug related changes, which make the PCI core much more hot plug aware.

I was hoping the SR-IOV stuff would make it into 2.6.29 but things didn’t come together in time (there were some issues with the patches and there were no client drivers ready), so it got put off until this merge window. Yu has been very responsive though, so I expect the merge will go fairly smoothly and make a lot of the v12n folks happy.

Matthew made some significant changes to the way the PCI layer handles message signalled interrupts (MSIs), allowing multiple interrupts to be assigned to a given device, which can really help with performance in some cases. There are some AHCI patches to take advantage of the feature out there already apparently, and I hope others (FC adapters, NICs) will shortly follow.

Finally, Alex Chiang, through some heroic efforts (which have left him nearly lifeless this week, or so I hear) turned the PCI core into something resembling a hot plug aware subsystem. His work includes a bunch of restructuring of core code (making it both more readable and more robust) and a few new interfaces for dealing with hotplug and bus rescanning. It’s pretty exciting stuff; hope nothing blows up when I send it off to Linus!

Drinking island, part 2

Kernel mode setting is in 2.6.29! I celebrated this once already when it went into Linus’s tree, but now it’s time to celebrate again. Some distros are already using KMS on Intel and other chips, so there’s been a stream of bug reports as the code gets more use, and people like Arjan are already starting to optimize things a bit, to make boot up and mode setting faster (I have some ideas on this front too).

I’ve also been working on stabilizing things for the 2.7 release of xf86-video-intel. We have way too many bugs open in my opinion, but there’s only so much time in the day, and feature work is usually more fun. But we’ve been making some progress anyway; looks like I’ve been resolving 5-10 bugs per week for a while now. Unfortunately with our current bug report rate that only barely keeps my head above water, bug wise (ah for the days of <20 bugs; now I have over 50!).

Once the 2.7 release is out, I’ll finish the page flipping work. The 2D portion should be small enough and backward compatible, so I hope people will be able to try it out with a 2.7.1 release (along with more bleeding edge Mesa, X server and kernel bits). After that, hopefully I’ll have time for some 8xx stabilization and KMS feature work.

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