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Heading off to Portland tomorrow for Plumber’s (Wed-Fri) and XDC (following Mon & Tue).

I’m hoping we can get the compositing & GLX architectural improvements for X nailed down (see and our talk outline at My implementation of some of those features is already limping along and I’m hoping we can land it soon and start on some compositor improvements to take advantage of the new features.

The merge window has been busy so far, with a few good PCI improvements landed (including VGA arbitration, finally!), and a bunch of gfx related stuff: a slew of power management improvements (dynamic render, display and refresh rate controls, framebuffer compression, RAM self-refresh mode enabling and a bunch of clock gating enables), several stability improvements (GEM memory shrinker, bug fixes for our ring management, reloc range checking, automatic GPU reset support), and a few performance improvements (madvise support for GPU buffers). Overall very busy and very cool stuff. I’m still holding out hope we can land the page flipping and execbuf2 code this cycle; if the merge window stays open through Plumbers that should be possible.

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